Do you all know how special you are??

ImageI’m five years old today… well, maybe not actually five but it’s the fifth anniversary of “that” day that would change my world and a lot of other people’s too… it’s been a helluva journey and as I look back, I am grateful for being given the gift of life and the ability to celebrate the “little” things every day and loving the many amazing spirits that have become entangled in my life whether it be from my beloved family to theatre friends, motorcycle travelers, co-workers, or medical teams… you all have inspired me to work it through and move forward when it seemed too hard to do… gave me strength and hope and love and for that, each one of you will forever be etched upon my heart and soul and be a part of me forever, on this plane and beyond.

Today is also the 5-year anniversary of the deaths of two icons – Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett. My friends and family said that when all three of us showed up at the “transition center”, they said it was too much to handle and sent me back! And I’m so glad I got to come back for so many reasons… I got to see my beloved daughter graduate from high school and grow into a beautiful young woman and find her niche in the world when she became a certified neuromuscular therapist, work that she loves… I watched as my friends pulled closer together and increased their connection with each other as the rallied beside me… I got to travel to many places with beloved friends, both on and off the bike – the Southwest, Baja, Canada, SoCal, UK/France, and recently New York with my sister and niece/nephew… I am feeling very grateful today for life and every moment that I get to be here.

I hope today you all take a moment to feel the sun on your face or share a hug with someone you love or do something nice for yourself or someone else… to feel alive and appreciate how amazing life is… one moment at a time… right now.

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