Celebrate Life!

When I was in the burn unit, my dear friend Val, organized a motorcycle ride that was deemed “Celebration of Life Ride” in my honor. It was an amazing day full of spirit and love and friendship… remembering those who left before us, embracing the ones that are still here, and supporting those who were fighting the good fight, including me. I wouldn’t be here without all of those people and my medical angels and my wonderful family.

We’ve continued the tradition and will be holding another “Celebration of Life” ride on June 15, 2014. A dear friend that I have yet to meet in person, David Eagle, decided he would organize a similar ride in his neck of the woods (Australia) to coincide with ours here in CA. I was deeply touched by this gesture of solidarity of spirit and have invited anyone and everyone around the globe to do something similar on that day – doesn’t have to be on a motorcycle. But on June 15, 2014, do something special to celebrate life and the gifts we have been given.

David posted a link to his blog where he has a page with my story. It includes something I wrote on my one-year anniversary of the accident. It reminded me once again how far I’ve come and how completely blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving spirits. I hope maybe the words will touch you today and give you strength for any challenges you may be facing. Anything is possible, my friends!


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