Future Tripping


These are challenging times for so many reasons and I have found myself upon occasion in the throes of what I call “Future Tripping”… the worrying about “what if…” and “how will I…” I was pretty good at doing that when I was recuperating after my accident and found myself doing it again these past few weeks resulting in sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, and lots of weepy moments… I had to remind myself that Future Tripping does no good because there are no answers… all we really have is right Now.

One of the biggest challenges I am working on is living in the Now. Not asking “what if” or “how come” or “will I” because worrying about the past or future is a fairly moot point and you miss living your life… this moment right Now will pass you by and never come again.

I remember the first time my parents wheeled me out of the hospital and into the fresh air and I was hit with a swell of emotion at how absolutely and incredibly beautiful that moment was… the blue of the sky, the wispy white clouds, the smell of cut grass, a small child’s laughter… and I was so grateful to be able to still be alive to experience that. And that is a memory that I am focusing on… experiencing the moment at hand and the wonder that the world has to offer and remembering that the “little” things so often are anything but.

So, I will leave you with that thought and wish that each of you look deeper into your inner being and find the inner peace of Now and being able to pass that along to others as we all travel through this thing we call life.

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