Let it Go

ImageI’ve been doing some workshops and gatherings the past few months which have led to some soul searching and interesting revelations. There have been some events in my life that have caused me pain/hurt and I in turn was hurt, angry, and judgmental. I am at the point where holding on to that doesn’t serve me anymore and it’s time to Let It Go. It only weighs down my spirit and doesn’t truly allow me to unlock my heart and let the light shine out fully for myself and toward others.

I apologize for any hurt I may have caused and I forgive those who have hurt me. It’s time to move on with our lives and call a truce and accept each other for who we are without judgment. There are two sides to every story, sometimes more, and none of us ever truly knows what another person is going through or feeling… and we’re all going through something.

So I encourage each of you to look deep within your own heart and find what may be holding you down or back from expanding your spirit and soul and Let It Go. Let go of that heaviness that you don’t need any more and set yourself free to soar.

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