The Winds of Change


DSC_0599wmIt’s that time of year when the seasons are changing… summer into fall and the temdrop, clouds congregate, and the winds are a’blowin’. It is the wind of change… much like our own lives, some stormy times will appear but as with Ma Nature, it leads to a cleansing of the world, a fresh start. Allow the winds of change to blow into and through you… don’t be afraid of the storm as it will lead you to a fresh start, whatever that may be for you personally. Open your arms and embrace it freely… let it blow into and through you… let it blow out any negative to clear the way for the positive.

We all have the ability/power to change the way we see things… we can see them as hackle-raising or we can see them as the opportunity for the change/s that we want to make in our life… I hope you go out in that wind and feel it surround you with its amazing life force and power… allow nature to take its course and make that change in your life… might be a little rocky for a bit but it will result in a new start for your continuing journey in this amazing thing we call LIFE.

Make the change.

BE the change.

1 thought on “The Winds of Change

  1. Your words wrapped around me like a warm blanket on a fall evening bringing comfort and hope to the season ahead. I look forward to more.

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